A flair for unique and creative solutions

Urban Green Developments is all about the careful, creative and considered use of land for residential purposes. Our skills cover all aspects of development from planning and design to construction and marketing. Our objective is always to create innovative homes that complement and enhance their surroundings and maximise their potential value.

A flexible approach to land and development

We get especially excited by projects that offer us a challenge, and where we feel we can add significant value. Typically sites include industrial premises, offices, care homes and any buildings which are ripe for conversion, even Listed ones. Many such sites will typically be redundant and vacant, but they don’t have to be as we consider tenanted sites too which have longer term development potential. They can be any size up to five acres that could accommodate 2-100 properties in Surrey, Sussex or South London. Our experience has equipped us with an unrivalled ability for overcoming the challenges of remediation and restoration that these types of sites present.

We are flexible in how we buy them too.

Often we acquire land outright on an unconditional basis or subject to planning permission.  We have substantial cash resources from internal funds at our disposal.

We also partner with other  developers where we provide the majority of the equity finance and major input on design, marketing and planning. Successful collaborations to date include companies such as Reside Developments and Consero London.

We are an experienced team who can add significant value, so if you have a suitable site, an idea for a Joint Venture or a desire to work with us, Please contact Ian Randall on 01737 232 826

Our inspiration

We take our inspiration, ideas and approach from a variety of sources.

  • The stunning New Zealand landscapes
  • New Urbanism at places like Seaside, Florida
  • The Disney approach to customer experience
  • Passivhaus Principles
  • Innovative home living technology
  • Living walls, bring nature indoors
  • Team work and dedication
  • Chris Daffy - a customer service guru
  • Beauty in nature
  • Apple's approach to innovative product design
  • WOW - The Northern Lights. And they're green.
  • Mind expanding travel
  • The amazing jungle eco-system
  • The beauty of European cityscapes
  • Solar Impulse - amazing sustainable technology
  • The simple genius of nature