Fabricated or Module Homes – A good idea?

Managing Director Ian Randall was asked this week to comment on an article regarding factory made homes and whether they are more sustainable. This co-incided with the arrival of the first timber frame structure for Walled Garden at Frith Park so we were able to provide some “as it happened” photographs too.

He comments: “It is certainly true to say that fabricated or modular homes are becoming more popular. This is largely in terms of a number of advantages generated by this ‘controlled construction’ – less wastage of materials, benefits of a controlled environment allowing greater quality end-products, not working at the whim of the inclement British weather, reducing the amount of vehicle loads of materials to site and the requirement for less skilled trades people. The disadvantages are the diminished design flexibility to match market trends and the high cost where standard house types are not used.

Specialist timber frame companies manufacture off-site and deliver direct to site and we also use wherever possible, factory produced components such as door sets. The use of timber frame guarantees greater energy efficiency and more sustainable homes. Homes at our new development Frith Park in the Surrey Hills village of Walton-on-the-Hill (due to launch later this year) will feature greater levels of energy efficiency aided in part by the usage of low carbon, natural materials in our homes including low-cement based concretes. This means lower energy bills, lower environmental impact and greater living comfort for our purchasers.”